• Thesis: Studio 02

  • Kamirin’s World

    DALL•E generated art, led by meee!! I’m trying something different on my current architecture student project, due 6 November 2022. Descriptors: Sketch of the interior of a bubble amusement park for children, hosted by a friendly sea dragon

  • Studio Japan: Yumeshima

    Architecture becomes architecture by its unique location and the people who use it. Architecture lives, and the best architecture lives with its people through time and place. Japan faces issues with depopulation and abandonment, but this is not the future of Kamijima Town.

  • Birrarung Camps

    Semester 1, 2022

  • Eternal Holiday

    Semester 1, 2021

  • Exposure

  • The Field

    Semester 2, 2020

  • Child

  • Making+Living

    STUDIO 14 Semester 1, 2018 Australia’s position in the world economy has shifted: Australians are no longer manufacturers. That is not to say we no longer make things. Festival Village celebrates our ongoing, innovative history of making inventions, providing designers with functional spaces for living and making these new inventions. Festival Village is the culmination…

  • Augmented City

    Architecture is a concept centred in the human experience. The Architect is the conductor. By Louise Daley, Diana Panagakis and Leonie Csanki. Words by Leonie Csanki.

  • Social Living

    Semester 2, 2017 With Hylin Lam, Levine Lin and Paul Yap. University of Melbourne Student Project.

  • Model experiments

    2016 ~ now

  • Remove

    Pin down a problem, to mend, and to heal.