STUDIO 14 Semester 1, 2018

Australia’s position in the world economy has shifted: Australians are no longer manufacturers. That is not to say we no longer make things. Festival Village celebrates our ongoing, innovative history of making inventions, providing designers with functional spaces for living and making these new inventions.

Festival Village is the culmination of dimensional, theatrical, visual, and digital endeavours infused with entrepreneurship and the comforts of home – all a designer’s needs for making and living are met within the village. Festival Hall’s narrative continues in supporting future makers and performance talents; encouraging community through familiarity and flexible, connected spaces.

Making, business, community, recreation, and private living comprise the programmatic activities. The existing walls are restored and contain the workshops, rejuvenated performance space and new design residencies.

New structures use new materials. Residential spaces are simple, comfortable, and considered spaces, complementing workspaces that continue west Melbourne’s industrial history: borrowing traditional decorative brickwork inspired by 1900-30s era buildings. Festival Village is where traditional crafts meet contemporary transformation.