UX for Architects ZINE. 2020.
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Historical biography. 2020.
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Manifesto journal cover. Photograph by Leonie Csanki. 2018.

Manifesto. 2018.
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The architect, my sensualist.

The opinions and criticism I hear around architecture’s obsession with the sublime and ineptitude of codifying it seem unnecessary through a UX lens. There can be method in madness.

Because these stairs are actually fu

I see images of these ‘stramps’ and others like them do the rounds on social media, accompanied with loads of praising comments like ‘this is so good for wheelchair users’ and ‘this is how you do great accessible design’. The problem is: it isn’t, and it isn’t.

Has Architecture forgotten its own history?

As a UX Designer, I would have thought that Architecture is the original UX Design. So does Architecture’s excitement about UX design mean Architecture is forgetting its own history?

Isn’t UX design what architects do already??

I’m surprised at the interest tutors, professors and AEC professionals showed in my career as UX designer. It also confuses me – isn’t UX design what architects already do?

Architecture is the original UX design.

Architecture and UX design are genetically linked. UX design grows from HCI design, which draws its foundations from Vitruvius. Architecture can learn fresh perspectives on its own history, and new methods of extrapolating information of how humans use space.


During the end of October 2017, I hosted the Parlour Architecture Instagram account with my friends and uni buds Diana Panagakis and Dora Lin. Here’s an archive of my posts.